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Ad Writing Tips

  1. Always start with the name of the item and the brand.

    DO: REFRIGERATOR, KENMORE, works good, avocado green.
    DON'T: AVOCADO GREEN refrigerator, works good.

  2. Don't assume people will know what is included as standard equipment.

    DO: CHEVROLET BLAZER, air, power seats, locks, doors.
    DON'T: CHEVROLET BLAZER, Tahoe package.

  3. If you don't, people might think you are asking too much. You can negotiate once you get a potential buyer.

    DO: AARDVARK, NICE pet, needs good home, $10.
    DON'T: AARDVARK, CALL for price.

Anytime you conduct business over the internet, you should use caution.
These resources can help you protect yourself from fraud.

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