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About Us

        The Quik Quarter of Wyoming published it's first want ad paper June, 23 1983. At that time you could place an ad for just $1 per week!

         We have grown a lot since then because of our reader friendly style and great customer service. We now print 10,000 papers that are distributed in Casper, Douglas, Glenrock, Kaycee, Midwest and Buffalo. Our goal is to provide effective, affordable advertising with a smile while offering an attractive, easy-to-read paper for all areas of interest. Being a free want ad paper, we are the first source for classified ads. We consider it an honor to serve the residents of Central Wyoming.

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    Fax: (866) 593-4849

  • Loaf n Jugs Stores
  • Albertsons Stores
  • Ridley's Stores
  • Conoco
  • Common Cents Stores
  • Taco Johns
  • Johnny J's
  • Job Service
  • Burger King
  • Casper's Good Cookin'
  • Ghost Town Truck Stop
  • Discount Sports
  • Sunrise Mall
  • Eastridge Mall
  • Bentz Town Pump
  • Red Eagle Stores
  • Doyle Johnsons
  • Kum & Go Stores
  • Wyoming Medical Center
  • Natrona County Public Library
  • Rescued Treasures
  • Bradley's
  • Peaches
  • Stop n Go Stores
  • Galles Liquor
  • Salvation Army
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Hilltop National Bank
  • Plus many many others

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